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TAD Restructuring Town Hall - Shared screen with speaker view
Sue Sillick
Question: Can you please tell us where, under this proposed structure, does something like the “Rural Transportation” work group fit? The conversations of this group crossed into a lot of topic areas, i.e. transit, safety, tribal relations, finance … in order to have a holistic conversation about limited resources/flexibility in rural states that was very useful. I would hate to see TRB lose this aspect of their research outreach. Thank you!
Sue Sillick
Will there be a crosswalk between the current committee structure and the new committee structure?
Victoria Beale
Are there plans for the new committees to be supported with a centralized location for website presence? To date, it has been up to the committees to determine where and how to setup their websites. This has made it difficult to transition at times to new chairs and to consistently know where to look for information on other committees.
Thank you!